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CLASSIC FICTION | Narrator | Wistful

For Love and Life vol.i by Margaret O Oliphant

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CRIME FICTION | First Person & Characters

I Am a Contract Killer by Andrew Segal

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CHILDREN'S FICTION (8-12) | Narrator & Characters

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

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YORKSHIRE FICTION | First Person | Yorkshire accent

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CLASSIC FICTION | Narrator | Animated

Jean Christophe in Paris by Romain Rolland

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NON-FICTION | Narrator  | Scottish

Scottish Reminiscences by Sir Archibald Geikie

Books come in a many great varieties as you know.  Different forms of fiction require very different approaches and use of tone.  Many require character voices but in some cases this might prove distracting and so we choose to use character tone and inflection rather than a full-on impression.  Depending on the project, either can work incredibly well.

An approach to children's stories is very different than, say, an approach to Young Adult fiction.

In my case, my priority is to absolutely immerse the listener in the world of the book but without imposing anything that isn't written; to allow the listener to experience the book in their own way.  This requires a great sensitivity of tone and marked judgment of delivery.

I'm happy to read a short sample of your book for you, to see if we're a fit.

In a nutshell

An audiobook can take some time to complete depending on the product required.

It is far best to discuss an audiobook on the phone or by videocall before getting too far along in the process.

I offer 2 kinds of finished result which I call:


Also know as Punch'n'Roll raw, which provides the narration but untouched, un-finessed for timing or 'sound'.


Where you receive a finished Audiobook, 1 audio file per chapter, fully processed and proof-listened by a third party.


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Audiobooks are charged "Per Finished Hour":

I charge a fee for every hour of audiobook

recording I deliver to you.

Pricing details can be seen on the Pricing page.

Short-stories or single chapter reads have a slightly different rate.

Let me take all that on and send you a bespoke quote!  Get in touch.

& money

ee "Pricing" for


I'd be glad to talk to you about helping with your project

Please get in touch   |   Tel: +44 0 7973 122034

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