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David Holmes Corporate Narration Voiceover


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A collection of different styles


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1. ON-BOARDING | Welcoming, Friendly, Upbeat

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00:00 / 00:22

2. SERVICE EXPLAINER | Informative, Relateable, Relaxed

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00:00 / 00:22

3. MEDICAL FUNDING | Serious, Calm, Reliable

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4. PRODUCT EXPLAINER | Kind, Supportive, Engaging

00:00 / 00:16

5. SERVICE EXPLAINER | Guy Next Door, Trustworthy, Warm

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6. ROLE PLAY | "The Promotion"

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7. ROLE PLAY | "The Appraisal"

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7. AWARDS CEREMONIES | Class, Understated, O.T.T.

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8. IVR & phone systems | 4 clips

What is Corporate Narration..?

"CORPORATE NARRATION" covers a lot of things...

An "Explainer" Video for a new product or service

• 'Voice of God' for your business's Awards Ceremonies

• Content for your website showing off your recent projects

• AGM presentation

• Employee and Share-holder Christmas/New Year message

• Training

• On-boarding videos

• HR recruitment content

• Internal communications

• Internal updates on policy

• A "Teaser" for your clients on something you're cooking up

• Narration for inclusivity of the hard of hearing

• Your company podcast

• Your company's IVR/Phone Management system: "press 1 for..."

... the list goes on (a bit)

David Holmes British Male Voice Artist


Me with a loosened tie looking like a 'Corporate Person' in a bar after work!

"Make mine a Campari & tonic, Jamie!"

Me with a loosened tie looking like a 'Corporate Person' in a bar after work!

"Make mine a Campari & tonic, Jamie!"


What is Corporate Narration..?


Click this to find out more!
Working together

Why we should work together... and how

Why we should work together... and how

Firstly - it's easy to feel overwhelmed: please don't.  There are so many factors to deal with and my job is to help you to deliver the best product.  I'm here to help you, and make it easy; so please do get in touch and we'll get you what you want!

A lot of companies with a large number of employees like to assign a signature voice to their in-house communications, training, policy updates, on-boarding, share-holder meetings, etc. It all helps to sub-consciously establish a 'relationship' between the listener and the business; and a more personal & genuine relationship than can be made with purely visuals, a logo, or ever changing voices.

If you know you have a one-off project coming up - please get in touch, I'm happy to chat through any thoughts or questions free-of-charge.

I also run a Retainer Service for companies that know they will have regular work and would like to be able to:

• have fast access to the same voice

• have minimal waiting times

• prefer not to deal with budgets project-by-project

I also run a Special Offer for any business with 5 employees or fewer, or in their first year of trading who are looking for a corporate narration voice, which amount to considerable savings for SMEs.

Or, if you know you have upcoming projects and are able to commit, I can offer discounts based on "bulk buying".

"David has a versatile voice and was able to quickly interpret the brief, producing high quality recordings.

He also has production skills, so shared the files in an easy, high quality, finished format."

"David is easy to work with, personable and a real team player.

We thoroughly recommend him!!"

Over The Bloody Moon David Holmes Voiceover Testimonial

The more notice I can have, the better...  however, wherever possible I will work around other projects to meet your deadline.

If everything has been discussed and confirmed ahead of time then, for example, a 5000 word script should be with you in 48 hours.

Make sure you let me know your deadline.

To speed up the process send a couple of examples to help me picture the delivery you would prefer and send the music or visuals too - doing this will mean I have more information to be able to deliver what you are after without further back-and-forth.

Rush jobs prioritised with a Retainer or Bulk Buy agreement.


Corporate fees are charged by the word.

Corporate work may, in addition, be subject to a Usage fee.

If the content is to be used internally, on your internal intranet or within employee communications then there is no fee for Usage.

If the content is to feature on your website, be distributed as part of marketing emails, or be used on your company's YouTube channel (for example), then there will be a fee for Usage.

If the content is to be used in advertising, public broadcast, in-store broadcast, television, TVOD, YouTube pre-roll, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any Paid Advertising, then a different Usage rate will be used 

(see the Visual Advertising page for more details).

Below is a table of per word charges.



David Holmes Recording Voiceover

& money

I'd be glad to talk to you about helping with your project

Please get in touch   |   Tel: +44 0 7973 122034

Pricing information

(but it's better to talk it through really and let me make you a specific quote - get in touch)

File splitting if requested: £0.60 per file



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Discounts available

for bulk buy, repeat


... or those on a retainer service

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This is what the extra

5p is paying for.


David Holmes Pro Home Studio Equipment
David Holmes Voice Artist Editing Audio
David Holmes Voiceover Studio Editing





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