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Full  body  scan  |  no  background

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Long-form  relaxation  meditation  |  gentle  music

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A  sleepy  story  |  subtle atmosphere

I have a wealth of experience being at the listening end of guided meditations and the genre in general.  I also regularly visit a meditation centre near where I live.

I find that it's a fine balance between providing a calm read that allows the listener to find what they need, as well as being more prescriptive, which is certainly useful for guiding your listener, but also imposes your delivery on their frame of mind - potentially causing a patronising and off-putting atmosphere.  I have worked on my personally preferred dynamic of delivery to keenly address this balance.

The voice artist must also bear in mind who is the the audience the recording is designed for; a sleepy story for 12-15 year olds is different, say, to a 10 minute working-day refresher for those coping with menopause.  Children, adults, men, women or everyone are all catered for with my meditative voiceover.

In a nutshell

This work is charged at Basic Session Fee rates, with additional time for editing/processing/syncing if required.

This work may be subject to Usage Fees - depending on your medium, internal or public use, period of use, use for profit and estimated audience size. 

Please see the Pricing page for more details.

& money

Guided meditation and wellbeing recordings need a light, deft hand and so can take a little longer to produce than E-Learning or Advertising.  That doesn't mean, however, it will take forever!  This genre, more perhaps than any other, needs a conversation or two to assure a clearly agreed objective.  In other words... let's talk!

It's always best to equip me with as many notes on direction and tone of voice as you have in mind ... it's your project after all, don't hold back!

It's also incredibly useful to have any music or backing track you are using or considering

(although I realise this isn't always possible).


"We were delighted to work with David on a series of menopause mindfulness meditations.

David has a versatile voice and was able to quickly interpret the brief.

David is easy to work with, personable and a real team player.  We thoroughly recommend him!!"

Over The Bloody Moon David Holmes Voiceover Review
David Holmes Meditation Voiceover

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